Day 64: Check If A String is a Palindrome With Python


We get a string and check if it is a palindrome:


# Find out if a word is a palindrome
def palin(word):
    ''' take word, build inverted string
    and check if it is a palindrome '''

    word = word.replace(".", "")    # get rid of eventual "."
    word = word.lower()             # make lowercase

    length = len(word)
    new = list("")                  # build an empty list for the inversed string
    index = -1                      # -1 so we start building in reverse order

    # take every letter and add it to new list in reverse order
    for i in word:
        new.insert(index, i)
        index -= 1

    # change list to string
    new_str = "".join(new)

    # get rid of any spaces in a sentence
    word_stripped = word.replace(" ", "")
    new_stripped = new_str.replace(" ", "")

    # check if word and the reverse string are the same
    if (word_stripped == new_stripped):
        return (word + ": This is a palindrome")
        return (word + ": This is NOT a palindrome")

print(palin("Anna"))                    # anna: This is a palindrome

print(palin("peter"))                   # peter: This is NOT a palindrome

print(palin("Name not one man."))       # name not one man: This is a palindrome

Day 28: A Simple Password Generator With random.choice()

What is the most elegant way to choose a random char from a string, list or tuple?


It’s random.choice(some_string)


I build a simple password generator that will build a password the length the user has chosen.


If the length is smaller than 8 though the user will have to redo his entry.


This is what the output looks like:



This is what the code looks like:


# A simple password generator
# creates a random String
# will ask anew if length was too short

import random

# the string contains all the chars we want to use.
alphabet = "1234567890abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz!@#$%^&<>?ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ"

def pass_gen(pass_length):
    i = 1
    password = ""
    if (int(pass_length) >= 8):
        while i <= int(pass_length):
            # random.choice() is the shortest and lean way
            # to select a random char from a string, list or tuple
            password = password + random.choice(alphabet)
            i += 1
        pass_gen(input("Chosen length too short. Enter a length (min 8): "))


pass_gen(input("Enter the maximum length of your password (min 8): "))

You find more information about random.choice() here.